Thrice-cooked potatoes. 7
Pumpkin hummus. 8
Creamed codfish crostini. 12
Pork croquettes, parmigiano truffle cream. 12

Tagliatelle with Bolognese ragù. 15
Tortellini served in broth. 16
Tortellini, parmigiano truffle cream. 18
Spaghetti, swordfish, eggplant, cherry tomatoes, mint. 18
Risotto, orto bio, 36 months aged parmigiano. 15
Onion soup, groviera cheese, bread croutons. 13
Traditional Bolognese cutlet. 16
Port braised cheeks, celeriac cream. 18
Our Voronoff fillet. 24
Low-temperature cooked octopus, potato cream, taggiasca olives. 21
Roasted eggplant glazed with muscovado melassa, zucchini and basil cream filling. 14

Citrus crème brûlée. 8
Apple millefeuille, english cream, spiced almond crumble. 8
Chocolate Tarte, hazelnut, seasonal fruit. 8